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Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring is here "I think"

Wow, we finally got to see the sun for part of a day today, I am really in need of spring to be officially here already. The birds are out in force, so that is a good sign!

I just have to share this bit of info. for all who are interested. In all the years I have been sewing, I cannot imagine going all this time without this super wonderful new tool I have!!!!! Stuffing has just become so so much easier. I recently bought two Barbara Willis stuffing tools, the small and large, I am in awe at how wonderful these things work. These nifty tools allow you to shove stuffing easily into any size space, I will never do my stuffing without them again. These are my new favorite, cannot do without, tools. I found them on and you can get them from dollmakers journey on the doll net site. LOL sounds like I am a sales rep for Barbara Willis doesn't it! I am just a happy camper is all.

I have just started a "Baby Bloomers" doll, I need to come up with some inspiration on what nifty thing to display her in. Could be a flower pot, old antique tea pot, over sized coffee cup, hmmmmm, just don't know but will clue you in when I know!!

Night for now.....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sugar Anyone?

Okay, I got inspired and went out and took a quick photo of my latest one of a kind doll "Ruby". I hope I can get a better picture tomorrow, it was dark and the details didn't show up well. Ruby is the keeper of the sugar bowl, she has also helped herself to some sugar! She has bits of sugar "glass glitter" in her hair, her mouth, clothes and on her spoon. Her Head and hands are an air-dry clay, cloth stump body, sheeps wool hair, hand painted, coffee stained. She is in an antique sugar bowl, holding an antique spoon. Beside her is a crow who also dipped his beak in sugar! She is completely removable from the bowl, spoon will come out of her hand and the crow can be removed easily if preferred. She has hand applied eyelashes too.  I will list her tomorrow sometime on Prim Nest.

Cynda is done...

I have finished my prim folk art black doll. She has a face that makes my heart melt and puts a smile on my face! Isn't that the point of these homespun dolls?  I just love her look. I have not machine sculpted before this doll, I have needle sculpted many times , but I love what this did to her face. The machine sculpt added so much more dimension and character than I had anticipated. Ya know, China can pump out these dolls that have a similar look for so cheap, but they  CANNOT duplicate the hard work of individually hand done dolls. So much time and love are put into them compared, just my two cents....

P..S. I will be posting my OOAK black doll within a day or two, she is soooooo cute! she sits in an antique sugar bowl, and after working on her today, she did get a bit messy with the sugar, got it all over herself! Stay tuned....

Darn it, that carrot cake I had put in the freezer is calling my name, I am trying not to listen, but the voice is getting so loud, SIGH....

Friday, April 22, 2011

Two prim black dolls in the works

I have two dolls going right now, one is a cloth doll, machine and needle sculpted face, she has so much personality! The other doll is a one of a kind sculpted black doll, she sits in an antique sugar bowl, I do think she would make an adorable kitchen doll. I am excited to see them progress and am hoping to have them done before the first of May.

Happy Easter and a blessed weekend!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bunny Is Done!

Her name is Jessamine Clover and her daughter Gilly. I am happy with how she turned out! Just like a good novel you don't want to end, this is kind of what it was like to see this project end, it was a lot of fun. I guess this means I have to start another one. Here is a picture of her, go to my prim nest page to see her ad and even more pictures.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bunny Update

Well, here is the bunny status as of today! I am thinking hard as to what this little gals name will be???? anyway, she is 13 1/2" tall, and is now at least mostly clothed. I just finished draping the dress on her, wow what a messy affair. I used a cloth clay, dipped the fabric in it, and needless to say, I also dipped my entire studio in cloth clay, SIGH... She will need to dry before I begin to paint and add more detail, this is the first time I have used this fabric clay for clothes, I am excited to see the results.

I can't wait for the painting, that is my favorite part, this is where she will come to life! I will even be able to paint her dress once dry. Her arms are only partially sculpted now, this is so I can figure out in the end how I want her posed. I may just put that baby in a big old purse hanging off mama's arm, what do you think???

Here she is, she is coming right along, I will also give you a peek at babys head. Her pregnant belly is not as pronounced as I had originally thought it may end up, but you can still tell.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bunny News

Since my last post, the clay bunny has evolved some, as of today she now is standing on her own two feet!! For awhile I was wondering if this was going to happen, but with some shoe adjustments, adding just the right heel on her shoes, she firmly stands on her own. I did have to take into account her big pregnant belly LOL.

I wasn't sure if I was in the mood to sculpt so so tiny, but after messing around yesterday, I now have the head of what will be her child. I need to figure out now how to incorporate the child with the mama. Still have the bunny wardrobe to figure out, colors and what look I am going for, and what style of painting I will apply to her. There is a lot to figure out and hope it all comes together.

 I hope I can actually part with her. I have been known to fall in love with some of my creations, sometimes it feels like I'm selling off my first born child! "well that is a wee bit of an exaggeration" but you get the picture.

Stay tuned, I just might post another picture teaser soon.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sneak Peek!

I am so excited about my latest project! I got out my clay yesterday, and the bunny that has been wanting out is definitely showing her personality. Sometimes I have a good idea as to what I want to sculpt, but often times as the sculpt progresses, it ends up totally different. It is interesting to me how as the sculpt takes shape, it ends up telling me what it really wants to be. 

So here is just a teaser, a picture of the raw sculpt, no paint, eyes or details yet. I will only let you peek at the head, I do believe she is going to be adorable. What I know at this point: she will be expecting, "tee hee", be free standing "I hope", probably with a bit over sized feet, she will be on the tall side. I am not sure at this point if she will have clay clothing or fabric dipped in a cloth clay, hmmmm so many decisions.

Here she is, she will be for sale on Prim Nest website when finished.


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